Transaction coordination is a beast of an imposition for agents on the front line. It can be as tedious as it is time consuming which often leads to frustration and hours misspent. Gain control and create your balance with Broker Proxy. Let us focus on the what while you focus on the who. Your Broker Proxy Sidekick works as a companion to you and your transaction from the opening bell.

From listing a property to representing buyers, your Broker Proxy Sidekick has the experience and determination to service your transaction along every bump on the road to “closed”.

0802171405c-ANIMATIONBroker Proxy is the brainchild of Noelle Labrousse, a licensed Real Estate Agent, Designer, and TC. With a background in marketing, design, and finance, Labrousse creates a diverse suite of services for her real estate pals in and around the Portland Metro Area. For a complete look and to learn more about Noelle, please click on the links below.

Noelle K Labrousse
Watson Proxy
HomeSmart Realty Group
Licensed in the state of Oregon