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At Broker Proxy, we understand that your commission is vital to your livelihood and the success of your business. Hence, we provide the following services and affordable options:


The Patron $300.00
Focus on your Buyers and the road ahead. We will be hard at work in the background. For more details, please see our Patron Page.



The Merchant $300.00
Your listing attention is in high demand. Stay on track and stand out front while we handle the grit and grind. For more details, please see our Merchant Page




The Captain $400.00
Your relationship with your client is your top priority. From hosting an open house to marketing and design, The Captain is designed with your free time in mind. For more details, please see our Merchant Page .



500x500 (1)


The Admiral $200.00
Market your listing with collateral custom designed to suit you and your Clients. Design, print, and postage are provided in this package. The Admiral serves as a one-stop-shop for your marketing needs. For more details please see our Merchant page.